A Rainy Day

A rainy day
is a perfect day
to grab your favorite book
or newspaper to read.
Also, enjoying having a cup of latte,
coffee or tea.

A rainy day
is when listening
to the sound of shhhh,
heavy rain.
Washing the pollens off
from the car windows
and grounds.

A rainy day
is when you see
raindrops falling
to the ground
in many directions.
Swoosh, swoosh
splat, splat.
every sounds the rain makes
If you really listen to it

A rainy day
is a perfect day
to listen to jazz or classical music.
Watching the rain from coffee shops,
libraries and art studios windows.

A rainy day
can make you feel
or energetic.
Depends on your moods.

A rainy day is a perfect day
to pamper yourself
and to refresh your thoughts,
mind and soul.

May your rainy day
be filled with joy
and love
as the rain cleanses
your warm soul.

Written by © Ana Garcia
March 21st, 2019

Happy World Poetry Day!!!


My Day

8:30am, I am up
I eat breakfast
It’s still early
My mind is full of energy
But, not my body
I go back to sleep
It’s 10:05am, I am awake
Bright sun, I see
A little motivation
Searching jobs
Exhausted eyes
More coffee
It’s 2:15pm, I gaze outside
Killing time, I clean
Both of my cats meows at 4:05pm
Too early to feed them
I start to play music
It’s groovy or mellow time
Prepare for dinner
Food time
It’s 7:20pm
I grab a glass of wine
Very tasty
Chill time on the couch
Watch my favorite shows
9:00pm, my cats begs to go out
Again in an hour
Comfy jammies
As I snuggle under the cozy blankets
It’s 1:10am

Written by Ana G.

March is for Good Luck

It’s Sunday, March 17th. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! 🍀 Make sure you wear green if you happen to go out or else you might get pinched. **wink** I might end up wearing some kind of green nail polish later today. This month of March is Good Luck. Everyone needs good luck in their lives, especially me. A new job is a start. Gratitude, prayers and positive energy will do. I need to stay focus. It will be almost 3 months since I got laid off from my last job. It still feels weird not having a job. I have been looking and applying for some jobs. Hope I hear back from some jobs. Wait, I will hear back from jobs, “staying positive”. Green is one of my favorite colors. Blood red is number one favorite color of mine. Yes, blood red. I remembered when a co worker of mine asked me, “What is your favorite color?” so, I told her, “blood red”. So, she pretended to cut her finger and asked me if I wanted blood? And we both laughed. I said no…! She and I got a kick out of it. Green color is one of the tranquility colors. Peaceful color it is. May this month of March brings good luck, prosperity, a new job and healing. Photo taken by me… As you know the Chinese New Year zodiac for this year is pig. A pig gives us Good Luck. 😊

Haiku Poems

The other day as I was going through my boxes, I have found my little notepad that my god mother gave me as a birthday present about 24 years ago. She introduced me to haiku poems. I was very fascinated how haiku poems are written. She told me that I can use my little notepad to write my haiku poems.

A Haiku is traditionally a Japanese poem consisting of three short lines that not rhyme. A haiku is a way of looking at the physical world and seeing something deeper, like the nature of existence. Haiku poems should leave the readers with a strong feeling or impression.

Here is one of my haiku poems that I wrote in my little note pad.

Untitled – Written by me – 1996

My mind is way off.
I lay in my bed
as I let the day go by. 
My mood decreases my energy. 
I would see myself dull. 
Time passing by.
My body is numb
as I space out
by looking up at the ceiling.
My dream is floating in the air.
Letting it go by.
I feel no energy in my soul.
My pain in my heart, 
I lay down in my bed.
I am calmed.

I was going through a lot during that time, as far as I could remembered. I always loved writing poems. Poetry and drawing was my therapy. Almost everyday, I used to write poems and draw everyday. If I can find the creativeness again, I would draw and write poems again. 😊

Where Do I Go Next?

It has been almost 2 months since I have not worked. After 20 years of working at my last job, my company decided to close the department. The company gave us about 2 to 3 months notice before closing the department, not the whole company building just the department itself.

I decided to take 2 months of break and now I am ready to go back to work. That is the thing. Where do I go next??? I feel lost, clueless, unsure and anxious. I am enjoying in not have to work, but in reality I need to go back to work. While being unemployed, I was able to relax, organize my home, able to be with family and friends by visiting, chatting and emailing, able to be with my cats and self pampering.

I did some adventuring new places, not a whole lot like expected. Winter blues and crazy weather has made me want to just stay at home. Not sure if it’s an anxiety thing or not in the mood to go out. I would make myself go out and take some fresh air, if I don’t I get totally cabin fever.

Where do I go next? How do I start? My thoughts in my head, “Hello! Look at jobs online that interest you and start applying”! Yes, I know that! I wonder to myself, what job will I end up at? I guess it’s too new for me to start a new chapter of my life. I should have been excited after being laid off from my job, I would get into my art supplies. Yes! I am an artist. It has been ages since I last drawn a picture. My creativeness has been low. All I can say is that the universe will guide me to wherever it leads me. Tonight is a perfect night to ask the universe or whatever Gods you believe in. Today is a Super Snow Full Moon. I usually ask the universe for guidance during full moon.

-Change in Direction-

“The changes you’re experiencing are Divinely directed by your newborn willingness to open your heart to love and our guidance. You are protected now and in the future, so follow your path to the happy outcomes you desire.”

I am ready for what it’s coming… 😊

Feeling Cozy

Good morning! It feels wonderful when you are very cozy under your blankets. It’s winter here in Virginia but, does not really feel winter. Temperatures varies from low 40’s degrees to high 50’s during the day. At night time, the temperatures are from high 20’s to low 40’s. I love it when I am feeling cold at nights, I snuggle under my blankets. It feel so ccozy and warm. Even my cats loves to sleep on my bed.

Feeling cozy is when you do something, see something that makes you all cozy and happy. My home and especially my room makes me feel all cozy and warm. I try to make it feel welcome and filled with love. Drinking coffee makes me feel all cozy. So, take a moment and see what makes you feel cozy.

Have a cozy Sunday!!! 🙂

Friday, already?

Good morning! Happy Friday! It is weird to not have to go into work. I feel like I need to get ready to goto work. My two cats still wakes me up around six to six thirty in the mornings. I am starting to have a habit in getting up to feed my cats in the mornings and then go back to sleep for a couple of hours. But, before I fall back to sleep I would think for a bit. I would realize that I am not working. My eye wanders. And then, I sleep for few hours.

Coffee is calling me! I love the smell of coffee. Who doesn’t? So, I have been putting heavy whipping cream in my coffee and sometimes butter. Yes, butter. My mom still doesn’t get it. It’s a keto thing. Thanks to my friend who got me started using the heavy whipping cream. It does taste yummy. I dislike the regular vanilla creamer that I still have in the fridge. For months, I have used the heavy whipping cream. I stopped using the vanilla creamer. I bought the peppermint mocha creamer about a month ago cause it was a holiday thing for me. It was okay tasting of the peppermint mocha creamer in my coffee. Not long ago after that, I have used the small vanilla creamer. Ick! It tastes so sweet! I prefer the heavy whipping cream in my coffee.

Looking forward to watch movies or tv shows on Netflix. There are so many good movies and shows to watch. Planning on being lazy over the weekend. Yup. 😊 Well, time is up… Have a great weekend, everyone! 😁